What Does CBD Feel Like?

Posted by Drew Giles on Jun 2nd 2021

What Does CBD Feel Like?

The question of “What does CBD feel like?” is a question we come across everyday here at Best Buds. CBD has become kind of a big deal (as we are sure you know) and there is not a whole lot of popular education around the topic. Tons of people would like to try CBD products but are not sure what to expect, if any effect at all.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

We always say that it is not what you will feel, but what you do not feel anymore. CBD can alleviate a ton of discomforts, both mental and physical, and provide a sense of relief and improve your overall well being and mood. You will feel an overall sense of relaxation, but you will not feel intoxicated. 

Does CBD make you high?

This is a big one that we want to get right into. No, CBD does not get you high. At least not in the commonly thought of way that marijuana gets you high. Will you feel something? Yes. You absolutely will feel something when you take CBD, especially when smoking potent CBD buds which is arguably the strongest form of CBD in the hemp market.

Shanti Sour CBD Hemp Flower

The feeling from smoking CBD flower is much quicker than CBD Oil or CBD Gummies but the feeling isn’t the same as smoking or ingesting THC. Even full spectrum CBD products contain less than .3% THC which is equal to 3 MG’s per gram (it takes around 10 MG’s to begin to get high).

CBD is considered non-psychoactive and non intoxicating. The THC that CBD Flower and CBD Oil do contain is intended to stimulate the cannabinoid receptors but not overload them creating the high.

What will I feel after taking CBD?

We always like to say it isn’t what you feel, but what you don’t feel anymore. 

In general, we find that CBD products will ease your mind and make your feel more relaxed and at ease. You will generally feel more calm and find it easier to relax as well as rest. CBD interacts with the entire body through the endocannabinoid system which is a series of receptors and neurological pathways in the brain and body which is what makes the effects vast and variable.

Some people will find more benefits with a CBD regimen than other. It all depends on what it is that you would like to confront and what you metabolism is like, your body weight and the severity of your issues. 

Best Buds 20 MG CBD Gummies

No, you won’t feel high, but what we have found is that what you will feel is better. The uses of CBD all depend on the person and what it is they would like to see as a result of using CBD. Each product has an end goal in mind but in general products like CBD BudsCBD Oil and CBD Gummies are a good place to start as they all will interact with the endocannabinoid system to start getting your body back in balance.

Quick note, for specific spot discomforts like arthritis or joint issues we always suggest pairing an ingestible product with our topical solutions like lotions, salves, or roll on pain creams!

How long does CBD last?

The effects of CBD vary from person to person and the length of time the effects last depends on the person as well as the product and the quantity consumed. Variables like body weight and metabolism also play a role. General, effects will last from 1 to 4 hours.

 Smokable CBD products have the most immediate effects as well as the shortest time span of effects. In general, you should expect the effects from CBD Flower to wear off within 1-2 hours after smoking CBD.

Other forms of ingestion like CBD Oils and CBD Edibles are much more viable for long term effects providing 6-24 hours of relief but they may take longer to ‘kick in’, in our experience up to an hour. We also have customers who say they can feel the gummies within 10-15 minutes of munching a couple so it all depends on your body and metabolism.

In summary, the effects of smoking CBD or Hemp are much more immediate but will not last as long as eating CBD Edibles or consuming CBD Oil orally. We often have people who pair the flower choices with something like our CBD Gummies or CBD Oil to get an immediate effect as well as longer lasting benefits from the ingestible CBD.

Topical CBD
products that are applied to the skin like lotionssalves and pain creams are typically applied 2 times per day for relief. Using your CBD products twice a day is relatively normal, once in the morning and again in the afternoon or evening. This is intended to get the varying reliefs that come with using cannabinoids and ensure that you feel the results of the product.

How will CBD Make me feel during the day?
Day time use may provide a calmer mindset, improved mood and the ability to focus with less effort as you feel calmer throughout the day.

Evening and afternoon use shares the goal of calming and improved mood but also has the added benefits of assisting you with getting to sleep easier and staying asleep longer allowing your body and mind to recover providing you with a better day to day experience and attitude .

CBD is a lifestyle product and should be used like you would use a vitamin or supplement. CBD products should be used at least once daily to get the full benefit of the product. People who are wanting to confront pains or discomforts with CBD products will need to allow time for the cannabinoids to build in the system to provide longevity in the relief and benefits. Daily use is a must to maximize the benefits, though you do not necessarily need to be using CBD twice daily.

In Summary

CBD improves your wellbeing, mindset and mood. It simply makes you feel better, naturally. There is no secret to it, you just have to find what works for you. This is a new age of health and people are looking for alternatives all the time. Cannabis can be a great addition to your health routine and the benefits are vast.

Cannabis isn't just about getting high, its about getting healthy. Mentally and physically feeling better.

We would love for you to check out our hemp shop and all of our great products. We work hard to source and produce the best CBD products available and ensure that our customers have a friend in the cannabis market.

Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions you may have, even if it doesn't pertain to Best Buds or our products. We believe in educating our nation and communities about cannabis and would love to chat about it with you, trust us!

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