CBD Edibles

Best Buds edibles are a sure fire way to get your daily dose. We feature our CBD letter shaped gummies as our only edible currently. We sourced and sampled dozen's of different edibles for flavor, experience and effects and landed on ONE that met Best Buds strict standards.

Our customer's have reported a variety of feedback on these 25 MG CBD Isolate gummies. We have seen immense results with curving anxiety and stress throughout the day time from our customers. In addition to lower levels of stress our customers have reported decrease pains and soreness. 

In the evenings our customers have reported experiencing deeper, better sleep leading to feeling more rested and energized during the day. In addition to better sleep and feeling more rested, several customers have reported less tension and pain which they normally experienced prior to beginning a regular regimen with Best Buds products.

Using our gummies is easy! Each Gummy contains 25 MG of CBD isolate making dosing easy. You can supplement these gummies in place of a CBD Oil with comfort knowing that each gummy is third party lab tested and contains 25 MG per gummy. If you are used to taking a higher dose of CBD oil or other products simply adjust the quantity of gummies that you ingest to match your dose. 2 Gummies is equal to 50 MG of CBD, 3 Gummies is equal to 75 MG and so on.

Featured Flavors: Citrus, Red Apple, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime

If you have any questions about our products or finding the right product(s) for you, contact us today!