High THCA Hemp Flower

Best Buds High THCA Hemp Flower is our most potent form of legal cannabis flower available! We have a constantly rotating menu of high THCA hemp flower for sale to keep things fun and tasty! All of our THCA hemp flower is indoor cultivated for the highest quality strains, best tasting THCA flower and highest percentage of naturally occurring THCA! We focus on top-shelf exotic THCa strains.

All THCa Flower is shipped to your home vacuum sealed to insure safe transit and delivery! All flower is packed in compostable bags and includes a Boveda pack to keep your flower fresh! 

Want to learn more about THCA hemp flower? Check out our "What is High THCa Hemp Flower?" blog where we dive into these strains, what to expect when using THCA hemp flower and how to pick the right strain for you!

All hemp strains contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC and are 2018 Farm Bill Compliant. 


Looking for wholesale THCA flower? Reach out to us today for a full list of currently available Wholesale THCA Hemp Flower Strains. We guarantee to have some of the freshest, best and most potent THCA strains. Wholesale Bulk THCa pounds and pre packed THCa flower are available for qualified, registered businesses!