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Okay we did it. By popular demand we created a sampler of our THCA flower that we will constantly update as strains and availability changes. 

Our THCA Flower Sampler consists of 4 high potency strains. These strains are all fresh harvests and super potent with strong terpene profiles, creating amazing smells, tastes and experiences. 

Each of our THCA strains are unique and distinct in looks, smells, tastes and effects and each deserves its own look. Enjoy these together or seperately to shape you consumption experience your way. This is a perfect pack to test out our lastest drops all in one place!

This sampler includes 1 eighth of: 

Orange Crush - 24% THCA Exotic Living Soil Hemp Flower
Mai Tai - 21% THCA Living Soil Exotic Hemp Flower
Bread 'n Butter - 22% Exotic Living Soil THCA Hemp Flower
Pixie Stix - 20% Indoor THCA Hemp Flower


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    Good stuff

    Posted by Adam on Oct 27th 2023

    Best way to try a selection of the best buds from this vendor, BestBuds. I like orange crush the best, candy shop almost more but second best. The pineapple express terps were on point, its the best. Bread and butter was a unicorn that left me kinda scared at first but I like it now, its the best. These were truly the best buds. Thanks again