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Why choose Best Buds?

Best Buds was established in 2019 to discover the best and most effective cannabinoid and hemp products available in Americas Federally Legal Hemp Industry. We handpick and manufacture our products for experience, delivery and effectiveness and use third party lab tests to ensure our customers receive the relief they deserve from a company they can trust.


We have a large focus on education and years of experience to assist our customers find a product that fits their needs. We pair our products with the knowledge needed to use them effectively and safely to help you acheive the results you are looking for!


Visit our Hemp Shop to view our full line of top shelf Hemp derived cannabinoid products including Organically Grown Hemp Flowers (Cannabis Flower), Delta 8 THC Oils and Vapes, Charleston Crafted CBD Oils, CBD and Delta 8 THC Edibles, CBD buds and Hemp Flower, CBD Pre-Rolls and CBD Topicals!


We have a little bit of everything for you to enjoy! Questions? Need Help Navigating this market? Contact us! Best Buds is your friends in the Industry! 

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What is Delta 9 THC?

Posted by Best Buds Cannabis Club on Nov 9th 2022

What is Delta 9 THC?

Hey Bud, Happy Humpday! (or whatever day it is when your reading this!)In this blog we want to cove …

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Best Buds Croptober Event!

Posted by Best Buds Premium Hemp Products on Oct 3rd 2022

Best Buds Croptober Event!

Hey bud! Are you excited for spooky season?! We know we are. October sort of kicks off the fall and …

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