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Best Buds Delta 8 Gummies are the best Delta 8 gummy we have ever had, and we're not even joking. The flavor alone is enough to make us keep reaching for more! The taste reminds us of a fruit gusher with the consistency similar to a fruit roll ups, these things are like the cannabis candies of our dreams. And they are potent as well! Coming in at 20 MG's of Delta 8 per piece these heavy hitters feel more like 50 MG Delta 8 Gummies. If your looking for a tasty, effective and afforable Delta 8 Gummy look no further!

Best Buds Delta 8 Gummies are some of the best Delta 8 Gummies in the market, we have no doubt about that. Our gummies are infused not coated or sprayed meaning you can count on consistency throughout your pack. If you have not tried our Delta 8 Gummies and are a big fan of D8 Gummies we certainly encourage you to give them a go and we gaurentee you will be beyond satisfied with your purchase! 

Best Buds Delta 8 Gummies are a unique treat with a unique cannabinoid. Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid with psychoactive effects. Whats that mean? It means these gummies are more closely associated with THC than with CBD. Delta 8 is intoxicating and should be used with this fact in mind. Start slow with Delta 8 until you figure out your comfort zone. For beginners we suggest starting with 5 MG's, or 1/4 of 1 piece of gummy and then easing your way in from there. 

For more information visit our blog all about our D8 Gummies!

Suggested Use
If you are inexperienced with cannabis, especially Delta 8, START SLOW! These gummies are potent and definitely pack a punch. Ease into these gummies. Start with 1 half to 1 piece. Allow 1 hour before ingesting more. 


Ingredients: Corn syrup, Sugar (from beets), water, Delta 8 THC CBD distillate, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial colors, pectin (from fruits), vegetable oil (canola, coconut oil) Carnuba leaf wax (prevent sticking), granulated sugar coating

Shipping Restrictions
Due to Delta 8 THC either being illegal or not explicitly legal according to state laws, this product does not ship to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.