Best Buds CBD Flower Sampler

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Best Buds Summer CBD Flower Sampler is perfect for someone who prefers a variety of flower or someone just starting their journey into hemp flower. This pack contains (4) 3.5 Gram flower packs for you to check out, sample and enjoy. Each hemp flower sampler includes:
3.5 Grams of Miss B Indoor Cultivated Hemp Flower
3.5 Grams of Blueberry Gelato - Greenhouse Cultivated Indica Flower
3.5 Grams of Jet Fuel OG - Greenhouse Grown Sativa Flower
3.5 Grams of Shanti Sour - Sativa Hemp Flower.

In total you will receive 14 Grams of flowers including: 2 Sativas, 2 Indicas. 1 Indoor cultivated, 2 greenhouse cultivated and one outdoor grown flower. This pack is a perfect way to check out a variety of Best Buds hannd picked flower and skip over the FOMO.