CBD for Balancing Your Body

Posted by Best Buds CBD Products on Feb 3rd 2021

CBD for Balancing Your Body

Hey Buds! With the new year turning (and the one we’ve been through) times can be challenging! Between new year resolutions and commitments, family gatherings, balancing workday and recreation time’s during the holidays we know a lot of people are feeling “out of it” right now and Best Buds is here to help.

The “out of it” (tired, groggy, irritable and slow) feeling that we all may experience after long weekends, nights out, overworking or socializing can be brought forth for a variety of reasons. Full Spectrum Hemp products like ours here at Best Buds are designed with the “out of it” feeling in mind. Our products are intended to alleviate discomforts and increase focus, mood and relaxation when you need it most. After a long weekend resting is a sure-fire way to get back on top of your game as well. Our customers all see a significant increase in rest and after beginning a CBD regimen. Why?

Full Spectrum Hemp and Hemp Extracts (CBD) work naturally with your body and brain through the ECS (endocannabinoid system) to improve several of the body’s natural functions. Hemp helps your body preform its natural systems, better.

“The ability to integrate external and internal stimuli to select appropriate behaviors is crucial for individuals. The ECS regulates a number of physiological functions and mediates the crosstalk between different neurotransmitter systems, therefore representing a key player in the control of behavioral responses.”

To sum this up, CBD and Hemp Extracts can allow the brain and body to communicate easier and allow systems to resume normal function faster. You ECS is already working day in and day out to try to find balance in your body, why no provide it with a little fuel?

Best Products for Tapping into your ECS

Essentially any ingestible form of CBD or hemp products is great for increasing the activity of the ECS. Best Buds CBD OilCBD Gummies or CBD Buds and Hemp flower are all great ways to get your dose and get your ECS going! CBD is all about preference and individual needs. Some people HATE to smoke and don’t want to take the extra steps of cooking with hemp so flower is not an option for them. Some people are on strict diets for their New Year goals and need to avoid the sugar in our gummies, so we would recommend our CBD Oil. This industry is all about choices and health and we do our best to provide you with top shelf options!

In order to really turn up your endocannabinoid system the most important thing is finding what works for you! We have a customer who takes ½ of 1 gummy (12.5 MG’s) every day for her arthritis and hips and we have body builders who take 4 gummies (100 MG) a day in order to reduce soreness and improve recovery speeds. CBD and hemp products effect everyone differently, you are unique, and you have unique needs. A general rule of thumb for a starting point if you have no tolerance for cannabis at all is around 25 MG’s of CBD whether it be full spectrum, isolate or flower. For more information on our dosing see this blog post here.

Please note that if you are already using some form of cannabis this will drastically change the general rule of thumb. If you use marijuana, especially strong marijuana strains, our products can still have great benefits in addition to your current regimen but you may find that you have quite the pre-existing tolerance and will need to compensate for that in your dosing method. THC and CBD have vastly different effects on the mind and body. THC is the recreational and intoxicating aspect of cannabis while CBD is responsible for the relaxing and reenergizing effects.

Body mass and size is also a factor in determining what dose works for you. People with a larger mass may find that they need a higher dose than a smaller person. Keep these things in mind when deciding on your purchase. If you have any questions about our products or need help determining what is a right fit for you contact us anytime!

How to Determine your Dose

Once you determine what CBD product you would like to try determine how much of the product you will need to ingest for your desired results. Here is a quick breakdown:

1 Gummy is 25 MGs of CBD Isolate

1 ML or 1 full dropper of CBD oil is 33.3 MG’s of Full-Spectrum CBD from our 1000 MG CBD Oil Tinctures

1 ML of 1 full dropper of CBD oil is 60 MG’s of Full-Spectrum CBD from our 1800 MG CBD Oil Tinctures

Flower is a bit trickier to determine due to the variability in genetics from strain to strain so we will use 2 strains for examples. Lets take our Legendary OG for example. Legendary OG is 20% cannabinoids. That means that 20% of the bud is cannabinoids by weight, so you would have 200 MG’s of cannabinoids per gram. With our Hawaiian Haze which was cultivated in Charleston you are looking at 8% cannabinoids or 80 MG of CBD per gram.

Understanding what it is you would like to achieve by using CBD products is also essential to knowing what dose will work for you. Higher levels of mental and physical discomforts may require higher doses of cannabinoids to confront. Do not feel the need to compare your needs with other peoples uses as EVERYONE is different. Find out what works for you and stick to it!

Are CBD Topicals good balancing out my body?

The short answer, ABSOLUTELY! The reason we did not include our topicals in our break down or earlier in the article is simply because we always recommend pairing our CBD topical products with an ingestible product as well. Ingestible products are going to give you the largest spectrum of relief where as CBD Topicals are for targeted relief.

CBD topicals are great for location-based issues and can help you feel more balanced. Who likes walking around stiff as a board? Best Buds CBD topicals are awesome for people who are experiencing discomforts from exercising, working or surgeries.

Each of our topical products has a sort of “pain scale” in mind. For minor discomforts like we recommend using a 400 MG Lotion like our Cucumber Melon 400 MG CBD Lotion. For things like swelling we recommend our 900 MG Salves. For serious discomforts customers would likely find relief with our 2000 MG Roll-On Pain Cream.

How does CBD make you Feel?

We always like to say that it isn’t what you feel, but what you don’t feel. There is no high associated with any of Best Buds products so you should not expect any sort of “head change”. You may feel relaxed and more at ease while using CBD but you also may notice a lot of things you do not feel anymore. 

Our products work with you body to create balance, not intoxication. CBD is the cannabinoid in cannabis associated with the healing aspect of the plant. CBD is a great alternative health option for people wanting to confront issues without pharmaceuticals. 

CBD is not a miracle drug by any means. Using hemp products is an alternative medical choice and is by no means a cure for the worlds problems. While there may be a ton of benefits to using CBD and hemp products, cannabis is not a cure. Developing a regimen and consistent dosing pattern is essential to establishing relief. 

How does CBD help me find balance

CBD and hemp derived cannabinoids work with the endocannabinoid system to achieve homeostasis or internal balance. How? The endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, CB1 and CB2, are interconnected throughout the body with the brain through neurotransmitters. Using CBD products essentially super charges the system and provides the ECS with more fuel to work harder and faster. CBD may help your body reduce swelling naturally in areas where you feel discomfort or pain. Studies also show that CBD is a great for reducing mental discomforts allowing your brain to function more healthy and increasing your ability to control stress factors like work or needs.

Getting back to that “out of it” feeling CBD is also known to improve rest which is huge for getting back on top of your game. Better sleep is a major factor in physical and mental health alike. Your body uses sleep time to recover from soreness and reduce inflammation which may cause pain. CBD can lead to better, deeper and more rest allowing your body more time and energy to put towards rebuilding muscles and recovering as well as reducing pains and inflammation. On the mental side of things better, deeper and longer sleep lead to a healthier mind set and head space. Better sleep improves cognitive function, improves mood and allows you to get to work and work more efficiently as well as increases your energy for socializing and enjoying your free time. Lack of sleep is a large factor in why you may feel groggy, tired and “out of it”. Lack of sleep leads to increased stress, anxiety and unwanted thoughts.

Best Buds products are doing a lot for a lot of people and can likely benefit you as well. To learn more about CBD and continue your education visit our blog where we try to post of wealth of information revolving about CBD, the cannabis industry and how CBD works for people in different ways.

Want to try something out for yourself? Check out our CBD Hemp Shop by visiting BestBudsBFF.com and get started on your new regimen today. If you have questions about what may or may not work for you feel free to contact us at any time or give us a call at (843) 709-5574 between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm 7 days a week. We would love to discuss our products and cannabinoids with you. We are constantly learning more and improving our ability to assist customers to be your friend in the industry!