CBD vs THC: The Differences and Similarities

Posted by Best Buds CBD on Dec 2nd 2021

CBD vs THC: The Differences and Similarities

The hemp industry has come a long way since 2018. Legalization of hemp (cannabis containing less than .3% Delta 9 THC) paved way for an explosion in cannabis and cannabinoid science which led to the emersion of a variety of new cannabinoid products like Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC. So what is THC? What is CBD? What is the difference?

In this blog we are going to try to describe some of the similarities and differences between the two cannabinoids as well as how they effect individuals differently. We aren’t going to try to get overly scientific as it can bog down the information. Cannabis can be a bit complicated, but have no fear, Best Buds is here!

Commonalities between CBD and THC

CBD and THC are alike in a lot of ways. Both CBD and THC bind to receptors in the brain in order to create their effects. CBD and THC can both be great for mood, rest, focus, mental and physical discomforts, and a variety of other wonderful uses. Best Buds has customers who use CBD Oils and Delta 8 THC Gummies for the exact some reasons but accomplish their goals with the two different cannabinoids.

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CBD and THC are also both commonly found in high concentrations in cannabis. These two cannabinoids are the most commonly used cannabinoids and most of the information available and research conducted on cannabis revolves around these 2 cannabinoids, and for good reason. Both cannabinoids are awesome, they are like the Rockstar's of the cannabis world.

CBD and THC are also amazing when used together. Because of their differences when used in tangent these cannabinoids can provide awesome entourage effects, creating a well-balanced, calm and relaxing mood while remaining alert without feeling overly-intoxicated.

Differences between CBD and THC

CBD and THC have one very definite difference which is psychoactive-ness, or the ability for the cannabinoid to alter your perception. While both CBD and THC do affect the mind via binding to receptors THC is much more noticeable than CBD. Both cannabinoids alter your perception in a sort of way, but THC is much, much more noticeable. We always say it isn’t what you feel with CBD, its what you don’t feel anymore. THC on the other hand can most certainly be felt and is commonly associated with the ‘high’ that marijuana creates.

The mental effects of CBD aren’t strong like THC. You may notice you are calmer and more relaxed, but it isn’t something that is going to ‘hit’ you like THC can. CBD is far more therapeutical than recreational and is generally used daily when truly applied properly for its benefits. CBD is a healthy way to regulate your body’s systems and is used more to feel better than to feel high. CBD is a health choice and health supplement more than it is a recreational cannabinoid. That isn’t to say that CBD won’t allow you to enjoy yourself more, it most certainly can. CBD can also be recreational as well. Who doesn’t love smoking a joint of some top shelf hemp flower with there buddies? Although CBD can definitely be fun, we just don’t place it in the same realm as recreational THC products.

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THC on the other hand is the more recreational aspect of cannabis, although THC can also be used therapeutically as well. THC is generally the more thought of cannabinoid when cannabis is discussed. THC creates the laughter, the low eyes and the fun times you might say. (We certainly would) When people talk about getting ‘high’ this buzz isn’t created from CBD but entirely dependent upon THC ingestion. THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid. Although some other cannabinoids can also create a buzz like CBN and CBG, THC is the godfather of getting stoned for sure.

THC most certainly does have a point of “over ingestion” where people can become uncomfortable. That’s what occurs when you hear of paranoia and anxiety in relation to cannabis experiences. Too much THC can oversaturate receptors, causing an abundance of activity in the brain which can create side effects like anxiousness and paranoia. Its like overloading a computer, after too much things start to get weird. ALWAYS be careful when using THC products not to over ingest. With edibles we always say “start slow and eat more” if you need to. THC’s effects can take up to 2 hours to manifest when taken in and edible form.

We wouldn’t say that there is really a point of over ingestion with CBD. Using CBD is about using the right amount. There is certainly a level of too much as well as not enough, but CBD is used for regulating the body and mind and as such it is simply important that you take the right amount. Too little of CBD and you won’t receive much of a benefit and over using CBD leads to waste. Finding the perfect dose is the best way to maximize both CBD and THC!

Using CBD and THC Together

Using CBD and THC together is a great way to maximize your enjoyment when using cannabis products. Because of their differences they make great companions. CBD is calming, regulating and relaxing. CBD works with your brain to create effects throughout the entire body. CBD can mitigate and prevent some of the uncomfortable side effects of THC as well. THC on the other hand is fun, a bit mind altering and creates improved mood, laughter and appetite. The downside of THC is the over ingestion point. Using CBD and THC in tangent allows the body to utilize more cannabinoids and offers your receptors more than THC. This in effect allows the body to sort of choose how much THC it would like and how much CBD it would like. This can prevent over ingestion while also allowing you to enjoy yourself and ease your mind and body. We always recommend using CBD and THC together, although it can mitigate the effects of THC. If your looking to get Dr. Fried from THC you can skip the CBD, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Why we use CBD with THC

So to elaborate on the double dosing I would like to share a story from 2018, a few months before we started developing Best Buds. We were in Denver, Colorado with an associate of ours who runs a handful of recreational marijuana dispensaries. This was our first time in Denver and he had a mega spread of all sorts of cannabis and cannabinoids for us to sample and enjoy. Before we started he turned to me with a bottle of edibles and was like “eat all of these.” I said, “No way, I will be absolutely gone.” He Replied “These are CBD gummies not THC gummies.”

I looked at him like, why? So I said it, “well if its CBD I don’t want any of that. CBD doesn’t do anything for you.” That’s when he hit me with it. I had no idea what I was talking about, yet, and I was about to get schooled right in the capital of cannabis.

He turned to me and said “Oh, your one of those guys, you have no idea. Trust me, CBD is awesome. Eat these CBD gummies before we use any THC and you will be able to ingest as much THC as you want. If you start with CBD your receptors wont get overwhelmed when we introduce the THC. You can smoke all night and feel fine.” I’ll tell you what, he was 1,000% correct. I don't know about scientifically, but it certainly worked. I ate the CBD gummies and waited about 20 minutes before we started smoking THC flowers and concentrates. About an hour in I noticed I had sort of maxed out the high and was now just smoking for enjoyment and experience. This was my first experience with CBD and THC together and Ill tell you what, it really was an awesome balance. Not to mention the sleep I got that night was the best sleep I had gotten in months!

This was kind of the beginning of Best Buds. We knew we wanted to work with cannabis, but we thought we never would be able to in South Carolina. We knew essentially nothing about CBD before this experience and the moment we came home to Charleston we started learning more and more about CBD and cannabis in general. The rest is a story for a different time of how everything came to be, but HUGE shout out to our good friend Rob in Denver! Love you buddy, thanks for always sharing your knowledge and experience!

Is Delta 8 THC the same as Marijuana?

Marijuana now is more of a legal term than a plant. Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants. What separates hemp and marijuana is the concentration of Delta 9 THC in the plant or in the end product. Plants and products with less than .3% Delta 9 THC are now considered hemp and are federally legal. Delta 8 THC has always been there, just was sort of ignored. Well, the bills and laws that allowed the hemp industry to emerge are based around the concentration of Delta 9 THC. There is no mention of Delta 8 THC, meaning products with high levels of Delta 8 THC are federally compliant and accessible in most states. So is Delta 8 the same as Delta 9? Sort of. They both certainly give you a buzz, that is without a doubt. The separating point is generally identified as the potency, with Delta 9 THC considered to be more potent than Delta 8 THC. Also, you will never really seem marijuana derived Delta 8, because they could simply derive the Delta 9. Outside of these 2 points, there really is not all that much of a difference. Delta 8 THC essentially provided access to recreational cannabis on the federal level, inadvertently.

In Summary

CBD and THC are both awesome cannabinoids but with different effects. Using CBD and THC is also an awesome choice! When choosing what cannabis products are right for you just keep your desires in mind. If you just want to relax, avoid THC altogether, CBD will get you there. If you want to be lazy and sleep all day for rest and recovery, a high dose of Delta 8 could be the perfect solution. Cannabis can be complicated, but we try to do the hard work for you to make sure you get the right product for your needs. Best Buds is your friends in the industry. We go the distance to learn and explore the industry before it ever really makes it to the public to insure that we know what’s going on and how our customers and clients will benefit from new cannabinoids or products.

If you ever have questions about cannabis products or finding something that fits your needs, feel free to contact us anytime. Give us a call, shoot a text, email us or direct message through Facebook. We love exploring new avenues with you and look forward to growing new relationships with customers!