Mustard Berry - 14% Indica Indoor Hemp Flower

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Mustard Berry is a top shelf hemp flower cultivated indoor and packing 140 MG's of cannabinoids per gram. Mustard Berry has a funky and sweet nose to it with a sweet taste to match. These buds range from medium to gigantic and carry long orange hairs. Using indoor cultivation techinques this flower is sure to please the eye, nose and mind. Best Buds Mustard Berry is a truly top shelf CBD flower!

This flower is both relaxing and uplifting, good for the afternoon and evenings. The effects are a calming, improved mood but not overly lazy. It is a nice indica-hybrid. Mustard Berry tastes more of sweet berries than anything else and has a strong, potent, funky and sweet smell! Definitely one of our favorite strains to come out of South Carolina!

If you are looking for top shelf and affordable hemp flower you have found just that!


Ingredients: Industrial Hemp Flower