What Does CBD Feel Like?

Posted by Drew Giles on Jun 2nd 2021

What Does CBD Feel Like?

The question of “What does CBD feel like?” is a question we come across everyday here at Best Buds. CBD has become kind of a big deal (as we are sure you know) and there is not a whole lot of popular education around the topic. Tons of people would like to try CBD products but are not sure what to expect, if any effect at all. A large reason why there is not a wealth of information around CBD is largely due to the fact that the FDA prevents CBD brands like Best Buds from putting forth information. We are very limited in what we can and can not say if we want to stay in good standing with the FDA, which of course we do! Please know that in this article we will cover a lot of information about CBD and Hemp Derived products but we will be doing so by sharing experiences of our customers, ourselves and of scientific studies around the topic.

Does CBD make you high?

This is a big one that we want to get to first. No, CBD does not get you high. At least not in the commonly thought of way that marijuana gets you high. Will you feel something? Yes. You absolutely will feel something when you take CBD, especially when smoking potent CBD buds which is arguably the strongest form of CBD in the hemp industry. The feeling from smoking CBD flower is much quicker than CBD Oil or CBD Gummies but the feeling isn’t the same as smoking or ingesting THC. Even full spectrum CBD products contain less than .3% THC which is equal to 3 MG’s per gram (it takes around 10 MG’s to begin to get high). CBD is considered non-psychoactive and non intoxicating. The THC that CBD Flower and CBD Oil do contain is intended to stimulate the cannabinoid receptors but not overload them creating the high.

What will I feel after taking CBD?

We always like to say it isn’t what you feel, but what you don’t feel anymore. 

In general, we find that CBD products will ease your mind and make your feel more relaxed and at ease. You will generally feel more calm and find it easier to relax as well as rest. CBD interacts with the entire body through the endocannabinoid system which is a series of receptors and neurological pathways in the brain and body which is what makes the effects vast and variable. Some people will find more benefits with a CBD regimen than other. It all depends on what it is that you would like to confront and what you metabolism is like, your body weight and the severity of your issues. Some common uses for CBD are:

No, you won’t feel high, but what we have found is that what you will feel is better. The uses of CBD all depend on the person and what it is they would like to see as a result of using CBD. Each product has an end goal in mind but in general products like CBD BudsCBD Oil and CBD Gummies are a good place to start as they all will interact with the endocannabinoid system to start getting your body back in balance. Quick note, for specific spot discomforts like arthritis or joint issues we always suggest pairing an ingestible product with our topical solutions like lotions, salves, or roll on pain creams!

How long does CBD last?

We have seen a lot of different perspectives on this in our experience, and again, it depends on the person. The effects of CBD vary from person to person and the length of time the effects last depends on the person as well as the product and the quantity consumed. Variables like body weight and metabolism also play a role. Smokable CBD products have the most immediate effects as well as the shortest time span of effects. In general, you should expect the effects to wear off within 1-2 hours after smoking CBD.

Other forms of ingestion like CBD Oils and CBD Edibles are much more viable for long term effects providing 6-24 hours of relief but they may take longer to ‘kick in’, in our experience up to an hour. We also have customers who say they can feel the gummies within 10-15 minutes of munching a couple so it all depends on your body and metabolism. In summary, the effects of smoking CBD or Hemp are much more immediate but will not last as long as eating CBD Edibles or consuming CBD Oil orally. We often have people who pair the flower choices with something like our CBD Gummies or CBD Oil to get an immediate effect as well as longer lasting benefits from the ingestible CBD.

Topical CBD products that are applied to the skin like lotionssalves and pain creams are typically applied 2 times per day for relief. Using your CBD products twice a day is relatively normal, once in the morning and again in the afternoon or evening. This is intended to get the varying reliefs that come with using cannabinoids. Day time use may provide a calmer mindset, improved mood and the ability to focus with less effort as you feel calmer throughout the day. Evening and afternoon use shares the goal of calming and improved mood but also has the added benefits of assisting you with getting to sleep easier and staying asleep longer allowing your body and mind to recover providing you with a better day to day experience and attitude .

CBD is a lifestyle product and should be used like you would use a vitamin or supplement. CBD products should be used at least once daily to get the full benefit of the product. People who are wanting to confront pains or discomforts with CBD products will need to allow time for the cannabinoids to build in the system to provide longevity in the relief and benefits. Daily use is a must to maximize the benefits, though you do not necessarily need to be using CBD twice daily.

What does CBD Oil feel like?

CBD Oil is the most popular and commonly used CBD product in the hemp industry. CBD Oil is an easy go to for people wanting dose daily and controllably. It is easy to determine your MG dose with CBD oil as they are lab tested to insure potency and the tincture dropped is marked to allow you to accurately measure your dose. For more information on dosing and MG break downs see our blog about balancing your body with hemp.

CBD Oil provides the wide range of relief that we listed earlier and is a great choice for addressing any of the issues we discussed earlier. CBD Oil may improve mood and general wellbeing. CBD Oil is calming and can allow you to relax more easily as well. Full Spectrum CBD Oil provides a full range of relief and is great for people wanting to address these issues.

Best Buds 1800 MG Full Spectrum Citrus Flavored CBD Oil

It is important to understand dosing when you begin to use CBD Oil. Getting the proper dose, or the right MG’s of cannabinoids, is essential to finding the relief or benefits you desire from cannabis. As a general rule of thumb you likely do not want to use less than 25 MG’s of CBD at a time. Again, this depends on who you are and what you would like gain from CBD.

For people with more server discomforts they may find that 60-100 MG’s is the required dose to feel the effects of CBD Oil. For these people we have a 1800 MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil that packs 60 MG per ML, or tincture dropped. Personally, I take 1 full dropper (60 MG’s) in the mornings after working out and that has been my sweet spot for months. I am 6’ 2” tall and weigh roughly 205. Also, I have been regularly using cannabis products for years and my tolerance is a bit high. Body mass and tolerance plays a large role in finding what does works for you and what you need to find the benefits you desire.

(For dosing suggestions or questions about what might work for you feel free to contact us anytime)

What do CBD Gummies feel like?

Best Buds 25 MG CBD Isolate Gummies are an isolated form of CBD, meaning they do not have any other cannabinoids or terpenes in the hemp extract. This provides a flavorful gummy packed with a good dose of CBD but avoids any flavor from the cannabis plant its self. They are also THC free which is great for people who wish to completely avoid THC. Okay, cool. What do they feel like?

Best Buds 25 MG CBD Isolate Gummies -

CBD Gummies are good for easing out at the end of the day. They sort of smooth out your mindset and relax your body. Again, this isn’t some sort of intoxicating effect or high that you receive, the CBD is working naturally with your body and mind to balance its self out. Stress, anxiety and pain is exhausting to your body. The endocannabinoid system works to balance out your brain and body to make you feel better and reduce draining discomforts. Best Buds CBD Gummies are providing the ECS with fuel to do so.

CBD Gummies are awesome for getting into a more relaxed mood after work or while socializing. Being more relaxed means your in a better mood and also leads to falling asleep effortlessly. CBD Edibles can calm you down relaxing your body, mind, and muscles and leads you to a very balanced mindset. It isn’t an intoxication that you feel but a relief of bothersome and draining things that you normally feel.

Personally, I prefer gummies in the evening with CBD Flower to relax and enjoy myself more while hanging out and winding down. I am a bit of a work horse and I truly do enjoy working so sometimes it is hard for me to shut it down for the day. I use 2 Gummies (50 MG’s) in the evening in order to switch gears from work life to home life. Our customers tell us the same, that the gummies are especially awesome for the evenings with the highest benefit being the ability to wind down. Gummies are huge hit for our customers that are wanting to get more relaxation in the evenings and get more rest out of their down time.

What does CBD Flower feel like?

CBD Buds or hemp flower are a versatile choice for customers. Flower options sort of enable you to take more control over your ingestion choice. Flower can be used to cook with, brewed into teas and also can be smoke or vaporized. All of these methods are common practice for our employees and customers but it should be noted that the effects are a little different depending on how you ingest the product. Cooking flower into a butter or with a meal is an awesome idea! Cooking flower draws the cannabinoids out and essentially turns the CBD buds into a homemade edible. Using flower in this sense would place it in the same category as the CBD Oil or CBD Gummies. The cannabinoids will need to be metabolized before they set in and as such will take some time to get to work after ingestion but the effects will last longer than if it was smoked. Brewing flower would be the same, it would need time to set in but the effects will last longer. Smoking CBD bud is a little different.

Best Buds Legendary OG Premium Hemp Flower

Smoking CBD Flower

Smoking CBD flower is the fastest way to get your dose working. When smoked, the cannabinoids enter straight through the lungs and into the bloodstream which provides effects almost immediately. Flower can be very calming, relaxing and can improve mood and curve unwanted feelings immediately. If you are using CBD bud for discomforts you will also find that smoking flower will lead to more immediate relief than CBD oil, CBD Gummies or CBD topicals. While the effects are indeed more immediate and can be more potent, it should be noted that they may ware off faster and you may find that pairing them with a CBD Oil or CBD Gummy would improve the benefits as noted earlier. 

CBD buds or hemp flower do not get you high. They provide a range of benefits and effects that some customers prefer over marijuana. You will feel something, but you won’t feel ‘high’. The effects are similar to marijuana in that you feel relaxed, calmed, uplifted and levelheaded, but you will not feel intoxicated. Potent CBD strains are known to increase appetite, so you might want some gummy munchies around!

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the high and euphoric effects associated with marijuana. CBD is the cannabinoid responsible for the relaxing and calming effects of marijuana. THC can cause people to become anxious or paranoid if over ingested and CBD is commonly used to curve these effects of THC. Using CBD with THC can level out the effects of the THC to ensure you do not become anxious or overwhelmed. They are quite beneficial to one another when used in tangent. 

In Summary ;TLDR

CBD improves your wellbeing, mindset and mood. It simply makes you feel better, naturally. There is no secret to it, you just have to find what works for you. This is a new age of health and people are looking for alternatives all the time. Cannabis can be a great addition to your health routine and the benefits are vast. Cannabis isn't just about getting high, its about getting healthy. Mentally and physically feeling better.

We would love for you to check out our hemp shop and all of our great products. We work hard to source and produce the best CBD products available and ensure that our customers have a friend in the cannabis market. Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions you may have, even if it doesn't pertain to Best Buds or our products. We believe in educating our nation and communities about cannabis and would love to chat about it with you, trust us!

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