King Size CBD Pre-Rolls

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Best Buds Pre-Roll's use Zig Zag's premium King Zone Cones packed with almost 2 grams of top shelf hemp flower. Our King Size Cones come packed with either an Indica or Sativa strain to give you the option that fits you best. Choose from hand selected top shelf flower strains. Each Cone is hand packed and inspected for quality to insure a smooth and even burn.

Indicas are better known for their relaxing effects, leaving you more chilled out and ready to unwind. We recommend indica buds for the evenings or weekends!

Sativa's are known for their uplifting effects, improving mood and even providing a burst of energy and focus to get the day moving. Sativa flower is great for daytime use and improving 

Effects: Hemp flower may improve mood and appetite and decrease pain, soreness, anxiety and stress. CBD may improve your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Ingredients: Zig Zag King Size Ultra thin cone, Industrial Hemp Flower. Contains less the .3% Delta 9 THC