CBD Pre-Rolls - 5 Pack

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Introducing our new CBD Pre Roll 5 Packs! Each of these packs contains 5 personal sized pre rolls, perfect for a quick toke! 

Each of these 5 packs are packed into a collectible, smell resistant hard case that can be reused anytime. Each case has 5 slots for safegarding your doobies, and a small stash container in the bottom perfect for holding a small lighter!

Pick from an uplifting and energizing Grapefruit Sativa or relaxing Purple Haze Indica.

Indicas are better known for their relaxing effects, leaving you feeling chill and ready to unwind. We recommend indica buds for the evenings or weekends!

Sativa's are known for their uplifting effects, improving mood and even providing a burst of energy and focus to get the day moving. Sativa flower is great for daytime use and improving focus.

Effects: Hemp flower may improve mood and appetite and decrease physical discomforts and soreness as well as mental discomforts. CBD may improve your ability to rest, and you may find rest easier to get. There is generally no high associated with CBD flower, though you may feel a slight head change, shifting you into a more relaxed state. 

Ingredients: Zig Zag King Size Ultra thin cone, Industrial Hemp Flower. Contains less the .3% Delta 9 THC