CBD for Muscle Recovery: Step by Step Plan

Posted by Drew Giles on Jan 5th 2022

CBD for Muscle Recovery: Step by Step Plan

Hey bud! The new year brings on new ambitions, new routines, and new goals. For many people, this includes getting into the gym and hitting those sweet PR’s. Best Buds is all about supporting a healthy life style and promoting self improvement. Our business is built around getting up, getting active and exploring opportunities.

In this blog we are going to dive into CBD and workout routines and how they can be awesome together. We are going to cover some basic exercise principles and discuss how to use CBD OilsFlower and CBD Gummies to improve your exercise routines and help you reach your goals!

Establishing Goals
Establishing goals is always important when you’re working towards something but it is especially important when your first getting into the gym. Exercise comes in many shapes and forms and its important that you set goals and make a plan to reach them. Maybe you want to shed some pounds, improve your flexibility or run a 7 minute mile. Awesome! These are all great examples of setting goals.

After you set your goals you want to focus in on your plan: how are you going to reach these goals? Whether your hitting the gym or doing home workouts you want to have a plan of what you are going to do in order to improve your ability in an area. Its okay to try new stuff and get some variety in your workouts, but if your goal is to loose 20 pounds you probably don’t want to lift heavy weights everyday!

Once you set your goals and make a plan, get to it! Self improvement is all about establishing discipline and repeating your plan until you reach your goals and then setting new goals and repeating, again. Be sure to include rest and recovery days into your workout cycle. There isn’t much use in working out an exhausted body! That’s where CBD comes into the equation.

CBD and Workout Routines
We all know that working out leads to sore and inflamed muscles that can leave you feeling like a paper weight. Recovery is a part of improving your fitness, arguably the most important part besides the actual working out... CBD is an awesome partner to fitness for several reasons.

CBD isn’t a supplement that’s going to get you jacked, ripping phone books in half. It’s a natural, plant-based alternative to a lot of over-the-counter medications and supplements that would provide the same results with some devastating effects. That's why MLB Players and UFC Fighters are turning to CBD for recovery.

CBD can be great before workouts as well as after working out. Why? Well lets break this into 2 parts: Pre and Post Workout.

For pre-workouts, CBD can provide you with calming effects which allow you to focus on your breathing and control your movements more delicately. Whether lifting heavy weights, running or doing palates or yoga, breathing is essential. CBD can help you shift into a proper mindset to execute your workouts and power through the struggles.

Post-workouts is where CBD really shines. CBD is a molecule that works throughout the entire body via the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. You can think of the ECS as a regulatory system for the body. Your internal ECS is already working hard all day every day on a variety of tasks like decreasing stress, decreasing swelling and soreness, and improving your mood and overall well being. Ingesting CBD is like providing fuel to this machine and supercharging its efficiency.

CBD also stimulates appetite. Eating right is an essential part of reaching your fitness goals. Getting your daily dose of CBD just after a workout may help stimulate your appetite, preparing you to dive into those essential post work out meals!

Using CBD has shown a variety of benefits for post workouts that improve your recovery time and decrease swelling and discomfort. On one hand, CBD works naturally with your internal system to improve recovery time by decreasing inflammation and swelling, on the other hand CBD helps regulate sleep and rest. CBD can help you get better rest and recovery, allowing your muscles to rebuild quicker in your sleep and recovery modes. Its basically the grand slam of workout recovery!

When to Use CBD Products

Using CBD products for muscle recovery and workout routines is all about consistency, just like exercise! The best time to use your CBD products to benefit you most are in the mornings, after workouts and before bed.

Using CBD in the morning can help you level out your mind and body and have you better prepared for the day, shaking off the stiffness from sore muscles and alleviating mental discomforts.

Just after working out is a great time to use CBD. After a workout your blood is flowing and your body is ready to shift into recovery mode. This is an ideal time to dose your CBD and provide your ECS with some extra fuel!

Taking CBD before sleep is also another great option, possibly the best. Improving your sleep and in turn the rest you receive is a huge upside to the many uses of CBD. Better sleep means better rest which makes for faster recovery. 

There is never a wrong time to dose with CBD, but there are perfect times! The important thing is that you use CBD DAILY to get the most effective results. Using CBD once or twice won't show much result. It is essential that you establish a regular routine of CBD.

A regular dose of CBD would be around 30 MG's for a 150 Pound person. I personally weigh 220 pounds and use around 60 MG's at a time. A big part of finding out when the perfect time to take CBD is determining what the best dose and time is for YOU!

Best CBD Products for Exercise Recovery

When shopping for CBD products there are a ton of options, however, we recommend CBD OilCBD Flower and CBD Gummies for the most effective source of your CBD. 

Hemp Flower or CBD Bud is a great source for potent CBD. Hemp Flower is usually smoked or vaped but can also be used to infuse into food and oils. Hemp flower is perfect for getting your ECS rolling with high doses of CBD in each gram. Flower is also full of terpenes like linalool and myrcene that provide additional therapeutic benefits of their own.

Besides the flower option we have 2 additional CBD options that are both great for pairing with exercise: Full Spectrum CBD Oils and CBD Isolate Gummies. CBD oil and CBD gummies are both easily used and effective, but also have their separate qualities.

CBD Oil is fast acting, full spectrum and great for pre and post workout uses. CBD oil works by penetrating the nerves in your mouth and soaking into your stomach lining. CBD is oil the second fastest acting choice behind CBD Flower. Best Buds CBD Oil is also full spectrum, meaning that it contains a variety of cannabinoids like THC, CBN and CBG which brings in additional benefits.

Best Buds CBD Gummies on the other hand are an isolate product meaning they contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes. This is a great option for people looking to avoid THC entirely. The isolate cannabinoid also makes for a great flavor, leaving behind any taste of cannabis. CBD oils act slower compared to CBD oils and CBD flower.

This makes CBD Gummies a great choice for the evenings. CBD Gummies allow your body to break down the gummy slower and in turn receive the cannabinoids over a longer period. This means Best Buds gummies can help you get your eyes closed and keep them closed at night.

Check out our CBD Oils and pick up Gummies, and a roll on pain cream for those tough days!

If your looking for all the benefits of CBD along with a buzz, you can also check out our Delta 8 THC Gummies and Delta 8 THC Oils. Questions about finding out more about whats right for you? No problem! Feel free to contact us anytime and fire away with all your cannabis concerns. Best Buds is your friend in the industry, we are here to help!