​Best Buds CBD Buds: Top Shelf CBD Flower

Posted by Drew Giles on Jan 4th 2023

​Best Buds CBD Buds: Top Shelf CBD Flower

Here at Best Buds we have a lot of focus on offering the best CBD Flower. Best Buds searches high and low and near and far to find top shelf exotic CBD flower. We look for the best buds, the rarest genetics and partner with trustworthy farms across America to ensure consistency and transparency as well as quality. Best Buds hemp flower strains are all sampled in house and paired against our past favorites in order to weed out the weak and offer the best hemp flower available in the United States. So how do we know? Let us explain a bit about bud. Looking for wholesale exotic hemp flower? Contact us today!

Best Buds is always searching for the best CBD buds on the market. We have relationships with over 100 hemp farmers which provides us with the opportunity to work closely with growers to understand the industry from their side of the fence. Every season we test dozens and dozens of strains in order to gauge the quality which is being achieved as well as to ensure that we are not missing out on something that our customers would love.

There are essentially 3 major types of CBD Flower: Indoor, Greenhouse and outdoor cultivated flower. While there are tons of ways to alter the growing process for each of these scenarios these are the most common cultivation methods. So what is the difference?

Indoor CBD Flower

Indoor cultivated cannabis is by far the highest quality method of cultivation. Almost all Exotic hemp flower is going to be indoor cultivated. Growing cannabis indoors allows the growers to control nearly every aspect of the growing process like temperature, humidity, lighting, nutrients and pressure. This leads to superior quality across the board: better terpenes, better buds and colas and better cannabinoid content.

Indoor growth does have its pitfalls. Indoor growing takes a lot of money, like a lot. First it requires an indoor facility rather than simply land. Beyond that you need high quality lights, nutrients, soil or hydroponic systems and labor. Cannabis plants need to be checked daily and due to that, growing cannabis is extremely time consuming. While indoor flower is almost certainly the best cultivation technique, it is also the most strenuous and costly.

Greenhouse CBD Flower

Greenhouse flower is a bit of a hybrid between outdoor and indoor methods. Not mentioned above but worth stating, light deprived greenhouse CBD flower is an even more strenuous method over greenhouse. Greenhouse CBD flower is cultivated in, as you may have guessed, a greenhouse. What this does is allow the farmers a bit more control over the plants than they would have in a strictly outdoor environment while also allowing the plants to receive natural sunlight. In a light deprived setting the greenhouse is non-permeable and does not allow light and artificial lighting is used. This is in order to control the light cycle without having to control the temperature and humidity like you would in a indoor setting.

Jet Fuel OG - Greenhouse Hemp Flower

Greenhouse CBD Flower can be absolutely awesome. Many greenhouse strains are high in terpenes and cannabinoid content and sometimes provide larger buds due to the natural light. Indoor is like having the most preferred ideal CBD bud, greenhouse flower is very close. Many greenhouse strains are stellar in appearance, smell, taste and experience and are only slightly less potent than indoor. The major difference is likely going to manifest in appearance. Indoor cultivated flower is almost always going to have a pristine look to it, like something out of a magazine. Greenhouse flower is going to have a more natural look while maintaining many of the other attributes of the bud, but also are more likely to contain more large buds.

Outdoor CBD Flower

Cultivating cannabis outdoors is the most cost-effective method of growing but this really doesn’t mean anything for quality. While you are almost always going to find high quality strains come from indoor grows and more than likely will see good quality come from a greenhouse or light deprived grow, outdoor growing can also provide some stellar top shelf CBD bud. Take for example the Cashmere Kitty below. This flower is GREAT! Terpy, big buds, flavorful and smelly and potent, 20% cannabinoids. While its definitely more rare, FIRE outdoor flower is certainly out there!

In the beginning of our business almost all the CBD flower was outdoor, this was early 2018. When compared to high quality cannabis strains the flower at that point was simply, eh. It wasn’t great, it didn’t smoke amazingly and the cannabinoid content was extremely lacking (probably about 8%). Well, fast forward to 2023 and this certainly is no longer the case. 

Outdoor cultivation can be just as rewarding and can produce amazing flower as well, like our new Cashmere Kitty. This flower is a truly enjoyable strain with heavy flavors of fruits and berries. The buds from an outdoor grow will commonly dwarf indoor flower as it has more time in its growth cycle and is being powered by natural sunlight and nutrients from not only the soil but also the air.

Exotic CBD Flower

Now that you know some of the basics about the different cultivation methods, we can dive into the different strains a little bit. Best Buds seeks out exotic CBD bud. Okay, but what is exotic?

Exotic means rare, unique and stand alone as well as high in quality. Take our Miss B for example. Miss B is handled by an indoor cultivation here in Edisto, South Carolina and although you may find the genetics being grown elsewhere, no one does it like they do. Best Buds Miss B exotic is second to none in our experience. 

Its appearance is stellar with long orange hairs surrounding bright green and orange buds. The terpenes are around 2% which means the smell and taste of the bud is spectacular. These attributes qualify Miss B as exotic. The experience associated with this CBD flower is certainly top shelf.

On the other hand our new Grapefruit CBD Flower pictured above is exotic for another reason. These genetics alone are rare, not to mention the flower its self. This stand out flower packs a strong smell and tastes of Sour Grapefruit, Citrus and loveliness! 

We could go on and on about why we think each of our strains is exotic to some degree, but you get where we are going with this. Stand out, unique and enjoyable bud, thats what makes the Za Za. 

Different types of CBD Bud – Indicas VS Sativas

Cannabis (hemp flower) strains are commonly classified as either indica, sativa or hybrid. Sativas are more uplifting and energetic and indicas are more relaxing and better for tuning down and unwinding. CBD bud strains are characterized by their terpene profiles. Terpenes are phytonutrients which give fruits, herbs and cannabis their characteristics. For example, take an orange. Oranges are high in the citrol terpene. Citrol creates an uplifting and energetic vibe simple by smelling or tasting the terpenes which make cannabis strains high in Citrol to be more along the lines of a sativa. Now, take lavender. Lavender is a awesome scent for relaxing, that’s why you commonly find night time tea blends with lavender. The terpene responsible for these effects are linalool. Linalool can also be found in certain cannabis strains and these strains would be considered indica dominant. Sometimes in cannabis you will find strains that have a good bit of both of these terpenes, that’s what makes hybrids. Hybrids are a solid mix between sativa and indica strains and provide balanced effects due to the terpenes found in these strains.

Understanding the different types of terpenes is a great way to ensure that you get the effects from the flower that you desire. In general, sativa strains are better for mornings and daytime where as indicas have a more relaxing effect and are better for afternoons, evenings and the weekends.