The Best Cannabis Products for Day Time Use

Posted by Best Buds on May 15th 2023

The Best Cannabis Products for Day Time Use

We are huge on education around here, especially educated cannabis consumption, but there seems to be one major topic that we have skipped for years: using cannabis during the day.

This question came up about a dozen times in April and May, so, time to dive into it! Daytime use of cannabis can be a tricky endeavor, but once you drill down the proper products and dose for the day time you can really gain some awesome benefits!

In todays blog we are going to dive into how to use cannabis during the day to stay balanced and alert while also taking off the edge. We are going to dive into some of our favorite products for daytime use and suggested doses, as well as what not to do during the day! Let’s dive right in!

Using Cannabis During the Day

Using cannabis during the day can be extremely beneficial for work, workouts, energy, creativity and focus, but you have to find the right balance! CBD and THC both can be great options for daytime cannabis use and boosting overall well being.

Using non-intoxicating CBD is the safest bet for taking the edge off and enhancing focus without getting stoned to the bone and wanting to do nothing all day. CBD is an awesome cannabinoid that has a list of benefits a mile long.

Using THC products is also a great choice for daytime cannabis use, it is just a bit trickier than using CBD as you do no want to over do it and end up geeking out in a staff meeting. It is more important to start slow with THC than CBD, as there is a potential for overdoing it with THC products.

We are going to cover using both Today! Let’s jump right into CBD.

The Best CBD Products for Daytime Use

For us, we say using CBD oils, flowers or gummies is a great choice for the day. CBD Oils and Gummies will have an onset period where as flower will have immediate results. Combing a smokeable and ingestible product are great for immediate and long lasting effects.

Grapefruit Indoor CBD Flower

Grapefruit Indoor Sativa CBD Flower

When it comes to using CBD flower for the day it is best to lean on a sativa or a sativa hybrid strain if you are looking for energy. Sativas are known for their uplifting and energizing effects and can provide a boost similar to a cup of coffee. On the other hand if you are the type to already have an overly active mind, indica strains like purple haze may help you calm your mind and focus on the tasks at hand more seamlessly

What To Expect: Using CBD During the Day

First and foremost do not expect to get high. CBD alone won’t get you stoned. CBD does have some very relaxing effects at higher doses, but you won’t be fighting a high while when using CBD.

You should expect to feel calmer, more collective, clearer headed and better prepared for whatever comes your way. We have always said it isn’t what you feel, but what you don’t feel anymore when using CBD. This includes stresses and anxieties in the mind as well as physical tensions and discomforts in the body.

Best Buds Fruit Punch Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD helps you relax your mind and body and sort of “turn off the noise” and calm the minds racing thoughts.

CBD is an amazing cannabinoid for addressing a wide array of issues throughout the body and mind by stimulating the endocannabinoid system which in theory effects every nerve, neuron and cell in the body.

CBD Dosing During the Day

Dosing is the most important part of using cannabis, no matter the cannabinoid. Dosing depends on three main things: desired results, body weight and tolerance.

How drastic of effects are you looking for? For the most drastic effects you are going to want higher doses. For slight effects you are going to want lower doses.

For beginning a new regimen with average body weight and no tolerance we recommend 15-30 milligrams of CBD daily for 5-10 days and adjusting your dose based on the results.

For an avid cannabis consumer who is looking to address severe discomforts with average body weight we recommend 60-120 MG’s of CBD for 5-10 days before adjusting based on the results.

These doses can be achieved with any of Best Buds CBD Oils, Flowers or Gummies, and if you ever have any questions about using CBD just reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!

The Best THC Products for Daytime Use

Okay, here comes the high stuff. Using THC products during the day can be prettttty beneficial and for a lot of reasons, but it is tricky! THC can provide an amazing boost of energy, mood, creativity and focus. But THC can also make you eat the fridge and fall asleep.

Best Buds THCA Flower, THC Oils and THC Edibles are all great options for daytime use of cannabis, but the Oils and Edibles are better for repeatable effects as flower can be a little harder to ‘dose’.

What To Expect: Using THC During the Day

Using THC during the day should improve your over all mood and attitude leading to happier and more cheerful vibes during the day. For us, THC use during the day is best for blocking out distractions and locking in our focus as well as enhancing creativity and providing the energy to get through long challenging hours of work.

Best Buds Delta 9 THC Gummies

Best Buds THC Gummies

THC is incredibly beneficial at focusing on one thing for long periods of time very intently, but can also diminish multitasking abilities, although your brain technically isn’t very good at multitasking anyways so you can’t really blame the weed. Psychologists at Vanderbilt University have found that when the brain try’s to multitask it results in a “response selection bottleneck” where no action is made until once task is chosen which takes more time, essentially meaning multitasking is actually just a bad choice if efficiency is your goal.

THC stimulates the brain in order to increase energy, focus and creativity, but over ingestion can lead to over stimulation and create the opposite effects, the inability to focus. That’s why dosing to so important when it comes to cannabis.

THC Dosing During the Day

When it comes to using THC during the day it is best to start low, low, low. Like, 2 milligrams low. That would be 1/5th of one of Best Buds Gummies or 1/5th of one piece of Best Buds Chocolates. Although we wouldn’t expect that low of a dose to give you the exact effects you are looking for, it will give you some effects along with an idea of what to expect during the day when using THC products. For you guys with super high tolerances you should still start slow when you are using something new.

High THCA Hemp Flower

Best Buds THCA Flower Sampler

As we mentioned above, getting the dosing right for THC flower is extremely tricky and to be honest the effects just seem to be variable depending on how much rest you’ve had, how hydrated you are and even how much you’ve eaten.

If you are not experienced with smoking high THC cannabis during the day we suggest starting extremely low and working your way into it very slowly. HOWEVER, using high THC bud during the day can be extremely beneficial, fast acting and long lasting. With all the strains and varieties available you can really feel like a wizard when mixing strains, cannabinoids and potencies and getting the exact effects you’re looking for.

Same as with CBD products there will be an onset periods for THC edibles and oils that you should be aware of. You can also combine THC flower and edibles or oils for long-lasting all-day effects.

Combing CBD and THC During the Day

We do not want to conclude this article without mentioning the wombo combo of the century which is combing CBD and THC products for super balanced and beneficial results. You can do this is any manner. 1:1, 2:1, 10:1, it doesn’t matter, it is extremely fun to play with and it is probably the best way to use cannabis during the day. 

For example, 1:1 would be 1 equal part CBD to THC, or 5 Milligrams of CBD along with 5 Milligrams of THC. 2:1 would then mean 10 milligrams of CBD to 5 milligrams THC. Doses like this are great for feeling awesome and ensuring your not getting too stoned!

You can achieve this by simply mixing our CBD Gummies with our THC Gummies, or any combination of cannabinoids and products, just be sure to make note of your concoctions so that you can remix them if you love the effects!

CBD and THC have this awesome synergetic relationship of giving you the uplifting effects you want, but keeping you out of the tired territory that THC can take you to. The combination provides relaxed, uplifted moods and attitudes while improving focus and creativity and avoiding the looming over stimulation from over ingestion.


Using cannabis during the day can be tricky but once you drill down what works for you it is probably the safest and most beneficial natural alternative medicine in the market. Find a product that fits your needs and desires, find a dose that you are comfortable with and dive in. Best Buds is built on service and education (and awesome products) and we are more than happy to help you find ways to fit cannabis into your busy daytime routine. If you have questions specific to your needs, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Thanks for reading along with us! We look forward to serving you with a smile!