Best Buds News: USA CBD and Hemp Expo Experience

Jun 15th 2021

Best Buds News: USA CBD and Hemp Expo Experience

Hey Buds! We hope you all are doing well! We have been crazy busy building new product lines and sourcing the BEST BUDS available. Let me tell you, it isnt always easy. Today we wanted to bring you guys on a journey with us to keep you up with what Best Buds has been doing!

In the years between 2018 and 2020 there seemed to be an ABUNDANCE of flower available on the market. CBD Bud was everywhere and it made it a bit difficult for us to weed out the bad and select the very best. In 2021 we are running into a new issue, we cant seem to find ANY BUD! Why is that?

When the Hemp Farming Bill passed, it allowed cultivation of hemp and cannabinoids provided that the total concentration of Delta 9 THC was under .3%. This created a massive rush in agriculture to farm the new gold crop, cannabis. What many didn't understand is that cannabis is easy to grow, but growing good cannabis is extremely difficult. Smokeable flower like we provide is a bit of a rare commodity and a lot of the flower you will find on the market isn't very impressive. Last year there was an abundance of flower but a lot of it was not worth smoking or even extracting and the farmers were left holding thousands of pounds with no buyers. That pushed a significant amount of growers out of the market, part 1 of the shortage of flower.

On the other hand, we have the arrival of Delta 8 THC in 2020. While Delta 8 THC does not occur in high concentrations in flower it certainly pushed the top shelf flower growers into a weird cubby in the pantry no one really ever looks in. To say the least, it completely shifted the market. That means that most farmers weren't focusing on top shelf cannabis flower, rather, they were growing any flower and then infusing it with Delta 8 THC. This is fine, but this doesn't make the Best Buds. Here, we need the BEST Best Buds.

So, we opened the flood gates. Over the last 2 weeks we sampled over 2 dozen strains from a handful of farmers, and FINALLY, we found some good stuff. I don't want to spoil EVERYTHING, but we do have some awesome new products coming your way like Blueberry Gelato Indica Greenhouse Grown Hemp Flower and Jet Fuel OG Sativa Greenhouse Grown Hemp Flower. The buds are indeed, the Best Buds. We will have them available next week along with some other goodies (wink wink).

In addition to our flower offerings we have also been looking to partner with some kitchens, cooks and beauticians to bring in some new and spectacular edible and beauty options. We want to find people who are spectacular at what they do and mesh it with what were spectacular at what we do, cannabis. Again, SPOILER ALERT, I don't want to say to much be we are currently entertaining some new candy and sweet formulations as well as spices, cooking oils and drinks. However, this journey led us to the USA CBD and Hemp Expo in Atlanta this weekend and I would like to share some of that experience with you guys.

Best Buds was founded and established throughout 2019 and then launched in March of 2020, perfect timing right? Obviously, the pandemic led us to completely rearranging our business and led us to a completely different business model than we anticipated and cut us off from networking and growing through interaction with other businesses. Thankfully, due to all of our wonderful customers and our community, we did okay. Best Buds was able to grow into a successful business during 2020, and we couldn't express our love for you all helping us achieve this goal enough.

Being that we started operations in 2020 we have never had the opportunity to engage with fellow business owners in a large scale format. The USA CBD Expo in Atlanta, Georgia was the first big event for us and it was absolutely incredible. There are so many aspiring entrepreneurs in our industry and so much passion behind the plant that its truly incredible to take part in a large scale cannabis event.

The Expo was both business to business as well as open to the general public which allowed us to network with fellow businesses as well as customers in order to learn with one another and help each other grow.

We learned a lot. One of the things we learned, Best Buds really does have the Best Buds, no bias. We work hard to ensure our customers always get the top shelf products across the board from flower and oils to treats and topicals. The Expo allowed us to thoroughly field the industry and gauge quality, and we are right we're we want to be.

In addition to simply networking, we had to ability to listen to some speeches and presentations. You know like, in person, and not on Zoom. It was awesome to hear from different industry professionals from different sides of the market to help us understand some of the issues in the industry as well as how to impact our community. Education is arguably the most important aspect of cannabis. Its important that businesses educate their customers and communities but also that governments educate their farmers and communities. I won't dive to deep, but Georgia has a significant amount of significant issues in their hemp industry and its largely due to lack of education about cannabis, hemp and CBD.

The event really allowed us to learn, bounce ideas around and gauge the future of cannabis in the South. Lets just say, its not looking dull. A large portion of what needs to be done is education and outreach about cannabis and cannabinoids as well as the benefits the plant provides for individuals, communities and states in their entirety. Cannabis has a long way to go, but has also come a long way and very quickly.

Best Buds is here to stay and here to educate. We love to share this growth without our customers and communities and we look forward to growing along with you all as individuals and as a community. If you made it to the bottom of this email, fist bump and much love. We look forward to our future together! Thanks for letting us share, and we hope you learned something, even if its that you should be really excited for the Blueberry Gelato!

-Best Buds

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