Shanti Sour - Sativa Hemp Flower 14% Cannabinoids

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Shanti Sour is a perfect top shelf sour sativa CBD hemp flower for the avid sativa lover. This bright green and orange bud packs an awesome fruity, sweet and sour punch every time and is great for morning, daytime or evening use. Shanti Sour is an energizing and uplifting flower great for enjoying any time of day. 

Shanti Sour is flavorful in tastes and smells like sweet, tropical fruits and sour deisel. The smells alone are enough to uplift and improve your day! This is some of the most potent nose and taste we have seen in CBD flower, if your an avid taste kind of person, this is your flower.

This bud is great for day time use and for a variety of application including smoking, vaping, cooking and brewing. The sweet terpenes in this flower are great for infusing into food or brew providing your edibles with a sweet, slightly earthy flavor and some majorr eeffects!

Benefits: Ingesting flower may provide improved mood and allow for better rest and relaxation.

Ingredients: Greenhouse Grown Industrial Hemp >.3% THC