Mountain Mango - Organic Sativa Cheyenne Mountain CBD Flower 6% Cannabinoids

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This NEW CBD flower is impressive in its smells and looks and relaxing effects. Mountain Mango is a strain we brought in from a group of growers that cultivate high in the Cheyenne Moutain region. This strain is paticularly great for smoking. Mountain Mango carries a very arid and light smoke with a sweet and fruity taste. It is a very enjoyable strain, and for that it made Best Buds menu.

The potency is on the lower end, clocking in at 6%, making it a great mid day sativa leaning hemp flower. Mountain Mango is very relaxing and also uplifting. This bud is great for settling into work, projects or relaxation in the afternoon and evenings. 

Benefits: Ingesting flower may provide improved mood and allow for better rest and relaxation.

Ingredients: Industrial Hemp Flower