Jet Fuel OG - 19% Cannabinoids Hybrid Hemp Flower

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Jet Fuel OG is a potent CBD strain that packs a punch in both experience and effects. This CBD bud is funky and potent and will fill the room with loud smells as soon as you open the bag, and the looks will match!

Jet Fuel is known for its strong smell and taste, however, this flower is a great pick-me-up uplifting strain that's great for daytime use to increase focus and energy. Jet Fuel OG is your fuel for flight!

This batch of Jet Fuel is a fresh 2022 harvest and is a tad of an upgrade form our 2021 Jet Fuel. These are large green buds covered with stringy orange hairs. This flower is also high in Myrcene, providing relaxing effects. 

Benefits: Ingesting flower may provide improved mood and allow for better rest and relaxation.


Ingredients: Greenhouse Grown Industrial Hemp >.3% THC