Harlequin Tsuanami - Sativa Hemp Flower 16.5% Cannabinoids

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Harlequin Tsunami, or Hale-Tsu, is one of our favorite cannabis strains across the board. This sweet sativa carries a strong nose and fruitful taste which is sure to please even the most picky smokers. Harlequin is a king of the sativa strains and carries strong uplifting vibes which are great for morning, mid day and everning use. 

HarleTsu is a great strain to exemplify top shelf CBD flower. This flower carries the smell, the taste and the looks of great cananbis or hemp flower. The terpenes and flavors of HarleTsu are on the tropical side of things and hit your taste buds like a wave of tropical sweetness. Hints of oranges and berrys come across the pallet and are accompanied by an uplifting and mellowing vibe. If your looking for a top shelf sativa flower, look no further than this Harlequin Tsunami!

Benefits: Ingesting flower may provide improved mood and allow for better rest and relaxation.

Ingredients: Greenhouse Grown Industrial Hemp >.3% THC