Early Bird - 21% Cannabinoids Exotic Outdoor Hemp Flower

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Early Bird is a great strain for the daytime, as the name may imply. During our in house tasting Early Bird cut right through the fog of all the other strains with its energetic and uplifting effects. Early bird has a sweet and creamy smell, like a bowl of cereal. The tastes match with smooth, creamy, sweet flavors accompanied by a smooth smoke.

Early Bird is a great strain for uplifting effects to kick the day off with. With medium sized, bright green flowers everything about Early Bird seems to get you going! This bud reminds us of Rasta Sensimillia with the good vibes and energy packed in!

Early Bird is a strain from High Alpine genetics, one of our favorite geneticists, and this batch was cultivated in the Mid West by Evergreen Leaf Farms.

Ingredients: Outdoor Cultivated Industrial Hemp Flower