Blueberry Gelato - Indica Hemp Flower 19% Cannabinoids

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Blueberry Gelato is a crazy impressive flower. This top shelf CBD flower has it all; great buds, great smell, great taste and powerful effects.

These big, chunky, sticky buds are sure to excite the eye and the smells will make you drool! Blueberry Gelato was handpicked for its smells and flavors which are packed with hints of berry and spice and its truly top shelf CBD bud structure. We can assure you that this flower is some of the best hemp flower on the market.

The flower ranges from hues of purple to blue over big green buds loaded with orange hairs. Its a nice mix of purple and green flower, providing you with some flash to go with all the smells and taste.  

Blueberry Gelato is a heavy indica strain and is ideal for unwinding, relaxing and quite honestly, hanging out and doing not a whole lot. This flower will leave you calm and ready for R&R.

Blueberry Gelato was cultivated in the High Desert region of California by some of the most skilled cultivators in the industry. The High Desert region provides the perfect climate, altitude and nutriets for cannabis. The flower is grown in a greenhouse setting providing more control meaning you get better buds, more terperes and more enjoyment for you!

Benefits: Ingesting flower may provide improved mood and allow for better rest and relaxation.

Ingredients: Greenhouse Grown Industrial Hemp >.3% THC