Best Buds Indoor CBD Flower Sampler (4 Strains)

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Best Buds Indoor Flower sampler contains 4 strains of top shelf indoor hemp flower including:
3.5 Grams of Miss B Indoor Cultivated Hemp Flower
3.5 Grams of Mustard Berry - Indoor Cultivated Sativa Flower
3.5 Grams of Platinum Bubba Kush - Indoor Cultivated Hybrid Hemp Flower
3.5 Grams of Lemon Meringue - Indoor Cultivated Sativa Hemp Flower

In total you will receive 14 Grams of flowers. These are honestly our favorites strains right now (Summer 2022). Each strain is unique and has its own defined characteristics. From a great day strain like Lemon Meringue to a more relaxed vibe with Platinum Bubba Kush, each strain is certainly worth checking out.